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16 April 1945


My Dearest Friend,


Kat, you know that I come to respect you more than any other person I know. You have been more than my friend in this horrible time or war and death; you have become a role model and a person I will always treasure. This war has made me really come to value and appreciate all that I do have, here and at home. Though, since I have had my leave, I have come to realize that I have become more at home at the trenches. I shall never be the same since coming to the front. I cannot be back home and be able to not turn my thoughts away from this horrible war that has so nicely ruined the life I thought I had. Out here you see so many men go insane, if not mentally, then physically.

You and I are so very different, and yet, we are like kin. We understand each other better, I think, than even a married couple has. There are many fond memories for you and me when we return home from this blasted war. The time you and I chased the goose and roasted it. That was the best meal I think I had in months.

It is also very nice knowing you completely understand me without questions asked. We seem to understand each other by just looking at one another. That is a comfort I can hardly describe. I want you to know how much I appreciate your companionship through this war. I have often found myself alone and afraid and you have always been there for me – completely willing and ready to give me advice. I thank you also for your silent acknowledgement of my needs. You are an incredible person that I admire so very much. I hope we continue to stay in touch after this war is over, for I couldn’t imagine losing a friend like you.








I chose Kat and Paul for this letter because you felt that they were really able to relate to each other as well as you were able to relate to them. These were also the two characters that stayed alive the longest, and therefore had more experiences to draw from. My favorite part of the book is when Kat and Paul catch the goose and eat it. It is when Paul comes to understand the gravity of their friendship and how it has already affected him. Some things in the letter I drew from the book. Others I tried to imagine and put myself in their shoes to really understand how much this friendship meant to them.