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Looking Through a Soldier's Eyes

Keep on Goin' - Poem

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Keep on Goin’ Boys


Keep on goin’ boys,

We’ve almost got the trench,

Dodge the bullets,

Clutch the earth,

Keep on goin’ boys,

I know it’s hard,

I know it’s tough,

But you’re not finished yet,

You can keep on goin’ boys.


Keep on goin’ boys,

There’s just a little while more to go,

We can make it,

We can make it,

We’ve just gotta show,

That we can keep on goin’ boys,

That we can make it through,

Though our friends may die,

And we may get hurt,

We can keep on goin’ boys,

We have to keep on goin’ boys . . .



If we want to live.



As I wrote this poem, I tried to think what really struck me about the book. When I really thought about it, I realized that it was the things they were taught as soldiers. They were taught how to cling to the earth for safety and protection. They were taught just to push through and keep going if they wanted to see the next day. They came to understand death and the harsh realities of war that were so highly glorified. They came to get used to injuries, hospitals, and the drastic loss of friends. This is what sunk in the most and I felt I had to express what I really understood and took away from this book.