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English 2

Classwork/ Homework
Study Guide/ Notes
Project/ Essays
"The Piece of String"
"The Masque of the Red Death"
"The Open Window"
"A Sound Of Thunder"
"The Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge"
"Through the Tunnel"
King Arthur

Journal #1 Why I failed my test . . .

   Dear Mom and Dad - I failed a test this week. I know I don't usually do this, but I can honestly admit, I wasn't prepared. I think I might do better if you help quiz me and also give your input in and on things. I am sorry and I hope that you will help me to do better

<3 Caryn

Journal #2 Metaphor for pride

   Hardening of hearts towards others; so that you are too high and mighty to help those in need.

Journal #3 How many ways can a person be beautiful?

   I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder as mentioned so many times before. I think beauty is anything that attracts you to someone. Some of the ways people are attracted to you is by being physically beautiful (which we'd all like to be), internally beautiful (in your heart), spiritually beautiful, and your personality can attract people to you. So, in my opinion, there are limitless possibilities.

Journal #4 How is a clock like the Bubonic Plague?

    A clock is like the Bubonic Plague because clocks tick away the minutes of our life just like the horrible plague did. Though clocks do it a more quietly, it can be just as stressful and painful as that of the plague.

Journal #5 If you had a time machine, where, who, and what would you visit?

     If I had a time machine, I would visit the American Revolution. That time period is filled with amazing people that I would love to have known or to know. So many people had ideal qualities like leadership, honesty, justice, and patriotism. I believe that time would have been hard, but it would have been well worth it. I would also express my gratitude to those who lived then, for founding our great nation upon the truths they did. Because of them we are able to live such a wonderful life. I would want to just see everything for myself and witness the wonderful events.

Journal #6 How are memories like a river?

     Memories are like a river because sometimes they just flow. Sometimes you can't hold them at bay and so you let them flood your mind. This either leads to damage or happiness. Sometimes when a river floods, it causes great damage just like our emotions can cause with certain memories. And the opposite, when a river floods, it sometimes brings happiness when plants grow and flourish.

Journal #7 Think about specific dates that mark the passage from childhood to adulthood in your own life.  Are you considered an adult upon graduating high school?  Is moving away from home a sign of adulthood?  Are there cultural or religious rituals that mark this important transition?

I have many events in my life that mark the passage from childhood to adulthood. Most of them are religious rituals, activities, or organizations. One of those that marked my passing from childhood to adulthood in my life was my baptism at the age of eight. It shows my ability to make choices for myself without the help of my parents. Another was when I turned twelve. At the age of twelve in our church, we graduate from primary (where little children go) into Young Women's. This not only suggested a physical change in me, but also and emotional. I was so excited to be considered "old enough" now by my peers. This has not yet happened, but will shortly, my sweet sixteen. This will mark a maturing age also because of my ability to drive. I will now be responsible for a machine, myself, and others that might be with me in the car. I also have the ability to date. This will show a maturity in emotions and that I can keep them in check. This will also help prepare me for my marriage and the trials that will come with that.

Journal 9:  Write narrative account of making and eating a bowl of cereal.  Be sure to use sensory detail


                I walked into the kitchen and looked at the clock. It was 5:25 AM. I still had ten minutes to eat before I had to leave for seminary. I then went to the cupboard and pulled out my favorite cereal.  As I opened the cupboard, it made a creaking sound and I smiled. I opened the cabinet and pulled out a bowl and a spoon. Next, I went to the table and pulled out a chair. The chair squeaked against the cold, hard tile. I sat down, and poured in my cereal. As I poured it in, it clinked softly against my bowl. Then, realizing I had forgotten milk, I went to the fridge and pulled open the door. As I did so, a rush of cold air greeted me. I pulled out the milk and went back to the table and resumed the process. The milk lapped up against the sides of my bowl as I poured it in. I took the first bite, the cereal crunching in my mouth.

Journal #10:  What makes a hero?  Destiny? Noble birth?  Or, is there some inner quality that motivates someone to act heroically?

                A hero has courage, stamina, determination, endurance, integrity, and many other values. Some of it is destiny, but much of it is drive and determination. Noble birth is a part that helps get people motivated to get on the path to be a hero. Sometimes, what people say about your beliefs and your values motivates you to do an act of heroism. Or sometimes it is the feelings that you have for other people that makes you perform heroic acts. You have to want to be a hero in order to become one.

Journal #11:  What is your New Year's Resolution?


                My New Year’s Resolution is to organize myself. This has actually been my resolution since school started this year. It has already helped my grades improve from last year’s grades. I also need to organize my room so that I will learn to clean and maintain a house when I get married. (just ask Ali how bad it became. J) My mother has great organizational skills and I hope to learn from her and maintain it.