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English 2

"A Sound Of Thunder"

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"The Piece of String"
"The Masque of the Red Death"
"The Open Window"
"A Sound Of Thunder"
"The Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge"
"Through the Tunnel"
King Arthur

"Sound of Thunder” Timeline

  1. Eckel is nervous about time travel and hunting a huge predator
  2. A.D. 2055 - Eckel, Travis, and others embark on a time travel to do extreme hunting - hunting the T-Rex
  3. Go through time and sterilization to go sixty million two thousand and fifty-five years before their time. (1994,997,945 years)
  4. Travis explains that straying off the path could lead to major changes in the world as they knew it
  5. Travis explains that they only are allowed to hunt those animals that would die anyway
  6. Eckel continues to talk, even though he is told not to by Travis, and the T-Rex charges
  7. Eckel kicks up dust when going back to hide in the time machine
  8. Shoot the T-Rex
  9. The other members realize that Eckle stepped off of the path
  10. Eckle must retrieve the bullets as a punishment from Travis
  11. They travel back to their own day in 2055
  12. Life as they know it has changed - all because Eckle stepped on a butterfly


Intro Pragraph

Caryn Kubat Kubat 1

English 2, Period 5

Mr. Cecil

14 October 2004

Introductory Paragraph

“Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration.” In Bradbury’s “The Sound of Thunder”, he shows the effect one small and simple thing can have on the world. If we act responsibly or irresponsibly, we could change the world -- for good or for bad. One of Bradbury’s characters, Eckel, ends up changing the whole history of the world by acting irresponsibly in a frightening situation. He panicked when he saw the Tyrannosaurus Rex and steps off of the marked path -- which was stressed heavily not to do by his tour guide. As a result, he altered the past, present, and his future. We are small and simple things in this world of sky-scraping mountains, unfathomable oceans, and vast continents. We have the ability to change the world.